Restoring coastal meadows in Matsalu National Park

After we finished our camp in Lahemaa, we went to Matsalu National Park with the international volunteer group to restore coastal meadows. The main task was to clear a bigger area of junipers and smaller trees, so that the nearby farm can use it for grazing cows. But from the work not just the farm, but the birds are benefited too. Matsalu Bay is famous among bird-watchers. The coast of the bay are an important place for a lot of migrating birds species what are prefer the coastal meadows without trees and junipers.

Coastal meadow before and after restoration (Photo by Marisol Santamaria)

But we had time to hike on the nearby hike-trail, visited a few watchtower and also the farm as well. We were staying in the local school, where we also played team building games and played football on the school’s field. On the last evening of the camp we made a huge pile of the junipers and made a huge bonfire. It was really an awesome sight!

Bonfire on the last night. (Photo by Louis Berthier)

Easily this was the one of best camps. We made a great team with the international volunteers, everybody was very enthusiastic and determined about the work. We also cooked traditional dishes, so we had French, Czech, Danish, Korean, Spanish and Hungarian meals. So thank you guys for the 10 days together and hope to see you again some time!

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