Restoring river for freshwater pearl mussel in Lahemaa National Park

Making curves in the river blank. (Photo by Louis Berthier)

From 16st of July to 20st of July we were again in Lahemaa National Park to work for the benefit of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) with an international team and some Estonian people. It was a very good experience that we shared with very nice people.

The work was focused in restoring part of the river mussel was once found. This part of the river was very straight, without curves. Due to it the water flows very fast and sediments are stirring and the freshwater pearl mussel is not able to live in these conditions.

To alternate the river bank and make it more curvy, we made small barriers from branches. Now the river is with curves, more natural and the water flows slower, the sediments settle before the barriers, leaving the rest of the river without sediment and cleaner. So, we hope now the place will be better and in the future the freshwater pearl mussel is going to live again in this part of the river.

grouppicture in lahemaa
Team Margaritifera margaritifera. (Photo by Lily Thibaut)

We also want to express our gratitude to everybody who was working in this talgud, as everybody was working with enthusiasm, energy and helping each other.

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