International camp in Pivarootsi and Vormsi island

Between August 31st and September 9th we participated in another international volunteer camp. The first half took place in Pivarootsi near Virtsu, the second on Vormsi island. In both camps we had to clear an area of junipers and other bushes. Like the other international camps this was also spent in good mood. Meeting different people from all around the globe is always an exciting experience.

Candy break in Pivarootsi. (Photo by Sachiko Masuda)

After work and between camps we also had time to hike in the forest, enjoy a beautiful view on a watchtower in Matsalu Bay, visit the town of Lihula and Haapsalu. And of course in the evenings there was always sauna, which is an inevitable part of a long workday.

The cemetery of Vormsi. (Photo by Peter Reeve)

Vormsi is an interesting small island between the mainland and Hiiumaa. For centuries Swedish families were living here which you can still capture in the names of the settlements on Vormsi. We visited the local chapel, it’s basetones dates back ancient times. Next to the chapel there’s the local cemetery with crosses like on the pictures which is now the symbol of the island. On our free day we made some face and hair painting with the blueberry that we found in the forest.

All along the lighthouse in Vormsi. (Photo by Sachiko Masuda‎)

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