At Lake Peipus

Marisol is collecting branches. (Photo by Lena Blumenberg)

This talgud we spent at the biggest lake of Estonia and the fifth biggest lake of Europe named Lake Peipus. Again we worked for the conservation of amphibians – This time for Pelobates fuscus and it´s also called common spadefoot or garlic frog because it´s skin smells like garlic sometimes. For that purpose two experts joined us to guide our work and to explain us the details about the preferred environmental conditions and the behaviour of the common spadefoot. With 15 participants we cleaned the area of trees, grass, bushes, moss and trash and used rakes to loosen the ground, so that the surface is open with the sandy soil and provides the toads the possibility to dig themselves into the sand.

Also we had more responsibility preparing for talgud: we helped Aleksandr with shopping for the weekend and furthermore it was our first chance to give proof of our culinary skills.

Cooking dinner for 15 people (Lena and Bálint). (Photos by Ülo Veldre and Lena Blumenberg)

At Saturday evening Bálint and Lena cooked the supper for the whole group – one dish with meat and one vegetarian dish. It was a challenge to manage the right among of ingredients and to deal with the dishes, which we used for cooking, because we never cooked for 15 people. But in the end we cooked a nice pörkölt with boiled potatoes and tartar with fried vegetables and salads, so everybody got full and satisfied after the long day of hard work.

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